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Our Booster pills are all-natural and safe breast enhancement. Our Booster pills are tested in an FDA Approved Facility. There have been no known side effects reported since the making of our Booster pills. There have been no known interactions with other medications or supplements.

Our Booster pills return your body to cellular and multiple endocrine system restoration using a targeted, regenerative approach. Made from the natural extract of Pueraria Mirifica (“PM”) in combination with endocrine stimulation and regeneration. Our Booster pills are specifically designed to work synergistically to reestablish brain communication between the endocrine system.

Our Booster pills can help to restore old-age estrogen into healthy, new, and strong estrogen which plays an important role in healthy breast enhancement.

When taking either of our Bountiful Breast® pills and/or using our Bountiful Breast® cream can help boost the progress.

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